Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's a BRICC House

Last Thurday I received a pleasant surprise. I had entered the house in the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod BRICC (Building & Remodeling Industry on Cape Cod) Awards competition and ended up winning the Best Single Family Home under 2500 SF. Here's the certificate and nifty etched glass brick.
The BRICC brick is pretty cool and I had to work to get a good photo. I tried a few different approaches, but the best one came from resting it on the black velveteen bag with the sun shining through. Then I stood back about ten feet and used a little fill flash to bring out the foreground.
This was the first time the HBRACC held the competition and they won't hold another one until 2014 so I'm glad to have received this one the first time around.


Although I haven't added any new posts in quite a while, the blog still seems to be generating interest. I signed up with Histats a couple of years ago and it's interesting to see how and why people get here. Google Analytics has similar features but the illustrations from Histats are a little more dramatic.
This chart shows the stats for September. There seem to be a good number of new and repeat visitors every day. It turns out that there's more activity now than there was back when I was regularly adding posts.
And this is an indication of how people find the blog. Some access it directly or from a link on my website but most people seem find it from internet searches. There was an interesting bump when the Smurf movie came out due to smurf related searches, but now the smurf hits are primarily from people looking for smurftube info.
And the visitors come from all over the world too.