Monday, May 3, 2010


The wood flooring is in and last week the finished stairs were installed.
Contemporary Structures fabricated and installed the components, including the custom walnut box newel posts and all of the treads, risers and skirt boards.  The balusters came from King Architectural Metals and were powder coated prior to installation.
My first view of the stairs was from the First Floor, the view shown in the image above, and you can see how the balusters seem to have kind of a random pattern.
My drawings of the stairs were always from the side view, which shows the single and double knot ballusters in an even progression.
From most directions they all look aligned.  I've never used balusters like this before and they really add some nice interest.  The insets in the newel posts are walnut burl.
They actually cut the tops of some of the stringers off so they can fit their prefabricated stairs in.  The skirt boards are routed out in the shop and the treads and risers are all fastened together on site to form a strong, monolithic unit.  There are a few more pieces of flooring to go in at the edges, and the floor finishing starts today.

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