Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes

Last week the landscape was completed.
Our son Brian and his company, The Natural Landscape blitzed it in four days.  We were so tired of looking at sand and were amazed by the quick transformation.
Our Landscape Architect, Andrew Garulay from Down Cape Engineerng, created a design using mostly drought-tolerant native species.  This ties into the LEED recommendations and makes ecological sense.  The driveway is sea shells, which are light reflective and give a nice crunch sound when you pull in.

The walkway is Boston City Hall Pavers.  No, we didn't steal them from City Hall - they sell that style brick, which has a nice soft red color.  We still have the temporary door on front, but that's a long story.  The porch railings will go in next week and the house will look complete from the outside.  It's nearly complete inside, except that the kitchen cabinets are just barely started.
Even the business end of the house looks pretty good.  You can see the dryer vent, the gas meter, the furnace vent, electric meter and condenser, but they're not obtrusive.

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