Monday, January 24, 2011

"Security" Cameras

They're really more of an amusement device - although it's nice to keep an eye on things too.  We caught the turkeys at the back door just before Thanksgiving, and now we've had another feathered visitor.
This guy was down on the ground and just flew right up to the camera.  Here's the first video.

We thought it was a one time deal until he came back about a week later.  This last video is almost like the first.  He was down on the ground and suddenly decided to go back up and check things out.

We had been waiting for the Conservation Commission agent to come back out for the final inspection.  This, of course, was caught on camera too.  About 30 minutes after he left, the snow on the PV solar panels let loose all at once.

Then last Saturday night there was a big procession out front.  Just after dark, there were three police cars with their lights flashing but no sirens, followed by a black sedan, a black van and then a bus, followed by another police car.  It turns out it was Sargent Shriver's burial procession.  His funeral was in Maryland earlier in the day and he's buried in St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, which is just up the street.  Here's the link.

Added 1/26/2011:
I believe that our mystery bird is a black capped chickadee.  However, we've had a new visitor.
This one has talons.
We'll need to see a little more of him to figure out what he is.


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