Sunday, October 12, 2014

Street View

Until recently, our house wasn't on Street View. The images must have been from early in 2009 before any construction had begun. Now it turns out that Google has caught the construction progress of the garage over a series of a few days.

Day 1

Mike Dangelo and his crew weren't there, but Chris Pare was installing the new dog fence wire.
I had no idea, but...
We were both outside as the Google cameras came by. Chris had found an old manhole structure which we had guessed was used at one point for irrigation of the old cranberry bog.

Day 2
This time it was a sunny day and Dangelo was back. This is a view from the Our Lady of Victory exit drive. They only went part way up the hill, but from a little higher up you can see both sides of the garage at once.

Day 3
Finally, in this view from Church Hill Road, you can see that they're putting the rafters up.

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