Friday, October 9, 2009

Stone Choices

Although our site originally was designed with a timber landscape tie retaining wall around the septic system, a stone wall is really much more in character with the area and just looks more natural. Our son Brian Lewis will be doing this work and this is his company, The Natural Landscape. We will also have five stone steps coming up from the driveway.

We went out to Goshen, MA and looked at Goshen Stone. The stone, stair treads and walkway pavers in this photo are all Goshen Stone.

I like traditional Natural Fieldstone.

But on Cape Cod, especially in the Centerville and Osterville area, New England Round Fieldstone, also called Cape Cod Stone, is most prevalent.

This tower is an example of that stone.

By the way, this house is currently for sale and the tower comes with it at no additional charge. In the end, we decided on a stone having a similar shape to the Round Fieldstone, except that these are actually leftovers from the screening of loam.

They are similar in shape, but have a greater variety of sizes and a color that I prefer a little more. The Round Fieldstone you see on Cape Cod often takes on a kind of yellowish coloration, and this should have more of a stone grey color.

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