Monday, October 26, 2009


The first floor deck was framed almost two weeks ago and the walls were to start this week – but will be delayed until next week. The windows come in on November 9 and I thought they would be the critical item. Now it looks like the windows may be ready before the framer is.

Here's a photo of the Basement.

The plastic pipe is the passive radon vent. There is perforated pipe under the slab laid in a bed of stone. This pipe will be extended through the roof to vent radon if there is any. Only half of the basement is full height and the rest is partial height. Because space on the lot is so tight, the septic system is less than twenty feet from the house. Any part of the basement within 20’ has to be higher than the septic system. We’ll put the furnace in the higher part, leaving most of the full-height basement available.

We had planned on having the septic system installed prior to framing, but the framer was concerned with access around the septic, which changed our sequence. Once the framing is complete, the septic system will be installed and then the stone walls and steps will go in. We had hoped the stone work would be done in September or October rather than November.

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