Monday, November 2, 2009

No Progress

The first floor deck has been complete for three weeks now, but that’s it for work on site. The Porta Potty’s been there almost four weeks and has seen about 1.5 days use. I’ve had these kinds of problems before with subcontractors during busy times, but didn’t expect this now. I was just about ready to find another framer – except that now things are scheduled to start up again first thing Wednesday. The first floor walls will go up and then the 4x10 beams and wooden deck will arrive Friday morning and should go right into place. The windows will be ready on Monday, November 9 but will have to wait at the lumber yard until the framing is finished.  I had fully expected we would have a weather-tight shell this week, ready for window installation on Monday.

In the meantime, the custom cupola is done and ready to go and we’ve commissioned a weathervane. Acadia Weathervanes has a very reasonably priced turtle weathervane, but when I superimposed it on my drawing of the house, it looked a little small. They will make a custom weathervane for me and increase the size of the turtle by about 50%. That should be ready in about two weeks.

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  1. Daniel -

    Very nice blog. I went by today and they have the first floor facade up on the front. Your next heading can now read 'PROGRESS' instead of 'No Progress'!!!

    Onwards and upwards!