Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Starting to Look Like a House

The floor beams are in and the gables are up.  Although ridge boards in the past were typically 2x12's, maybe 16' or 20' long, the ridge board being lifted is a one-piece 40' long LVL (laminated veneer lumber) board.  It's not necessary structurally to have a continuous LVL ridge, but does insure that the ridge will be solid and straight, and it's 14" tall so the cut ends of the rafters aren't taller than the ridge board.

This is the beamed ceiling in the Livng Room.  The small square in the middle will be opened up and the dormer is directly overhead, providing light in both the Living Room and the Loft above.

Here's the view to the front.

And this is the view out the back of the house.  The ocean is out there somewhere beyond the trees.  The roof deck probably isn't high enough to see the ocean even after the leaves drop, but there's always hope.

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