Sunday, November 8, 2009


Wednesday morning things started again.  The first floor walls went up and then Friday the hemlock beams and deck were delivered.

The green sheathing is called Huber Zip System.  It should provide a better air barrier than typical house wraps and better moisture resistance too.  The surface and core of the sheathing are both water resistant and the seams receive a high performance tape to seal the joints.  Typical air and moisture barriers like asphalt felt paper or Tyvek type wraps rely on proper installation for effective protection, and plywood wall sheathing is susceptible to water damage.  I always worry about new products and often rely on the tried and true, even if there are concerns.  At least they're typically known concerns. The Zip System seems to have been thoroughly tested and an improvement over plywood and housewrap or felt.

The photo above shows the 2x6 tongue and groove hemlock floor decking.

And this is a view looking through the Living Room area towards the Master Bathroom and Closet.

The beams will be installed Monday and then the roof goes up.  Then it will really start looking like a house.

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