Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Excitement Continues

The long-anticipated Septic System is in.  We had originally planned to start this work in September, soon after the foundation was complete.  The framer, however, wanted to put the frame up first.  The framing stretched into December and then things pushed the septic work into January.  There's about a month left on the septic permit and variances, and it will be good to have the final approval in hand.

The septic tank and distribution box are exposed and, after covering them, 6" of loam will be spread to bring the grade up and cover the last bit of exposed concrete on the foundation. 

There is one more piece to be added.  The septic is to have a MicroFAST nitrogen reduction system which, unfortunately, adds a plastic box in the middle of the front yard.
It will have a lovely plastic chamber and a PVC candy cane like this.  There is an animation on their website showing how it works, but I recommend skipping it.  There are some things you just don't need to see.

In the rendering the chamber is hidden by landscaping.  Hopefully the real landscaping will disguise it similarly.

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