Friday, January 1, 2010

We Have a Gas Line

Wednesday morning National Grid showed up to install the gas line.  We have been waiting for months and then actually had to delay them while part of the stone wall was being finished.  I was worried that they would at some point tell us it was too late in the season and we'd have to wait until spring.  The septic installation was also supposed to start Wednesday but, from what I hear, the gas company monopolized the site and the street with all of their people and equipment. 

They apparently bored under the stone wall and ran the line straight back to the side of the house.  The yellow flag indicates the gas line location and the bracket and pipe on the side of the house is where the gas meter will go.  The septic system work will start next Monday.

One of the ironies we've found is that in central Massachusetts, National Grid is our electric supplier and NStar is our gas supplier.  On the Cape, National Grid is the gas supplier and NStar, in combination with Cape Light Compact and ConEdison supply electricity.

And work goes on inside.  The furnace is in place and ductwork is being installed.  This is a 95% efficient variable speed three-stage communicating furnace made by American Standard.  The variable speed and three-stage part allows it to work more efficiently and the communicating part allows us to monitor and control the HVAC remotely.

Pretty exciting, huh?  I did have a disagreement with the installer about the location of the main return.  He had, unknown to me, cut a big hole in the Master Bedroom floor and intended everything to return to the unit at that point.  Things are being rerouted now to have a return in the stairwell.

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  1. I'll notice that 5/4 trim -- that shadow line is really important.