Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Winter Wonderland

Saturday night over a foot of snow fell on Cape Cod.  They bore the brunt of the storm and, for a change, northern New England received less snow than the Cape.

The siding installation started today.  We're happy with our custom color.  I was worried it might look too much like primer, but it has a nice 'warm grey but not quite tan' color.

It may seem like a small thing, but the Azek trim is 5/4, which means it's 1" thick rather than the typical 3/4" thickness.  5/4 used to be the rough cut dimension before drying and planing, but that's a little outdated now that the trim is cellular PVC rather than wood.  If you look at the enlarged photo, you can see there's a nice shadow line because the trim is about 1/4" thicker than the siding.  I don't know if others will notice, but I do.

Things look a little better each time we see the place.  I'm looking forward to seeing the installation of the cupola windows and weathervane, but for the moment we need to concentrate on the siding.

The photo below showns what things looked like just before the storm.  The stone wall is in place, ready for the septic system installation.  The newest part of the wall is under the blue tarp.  Once the septic is in place, the remainder of the stone wall can be installed.

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