Sunday, December 6, 2009

Windows at Last

The roof sheathing, fascias and much of the trim is in and, in the last couple of days, the windows were installed.  They've been hanging out at Shepley's for almost four weeks and it's good to finally have them in place.

The shiny stuff on the outside of the house is Dow Tuff-R insulating sheathing.  It provides an additional R-5 of continuous insulation, which has the advantage of not being compromised by thermal bridging from the wood studs and headers.  It's kind of an additional insulating blanket around the whole house.  Here's a Guide to Insulating Sheathing from Building Science Corportation and a guide to Rigid Foam Insulation from Green Building Advisor.

These are the windows in the Living Room.  The mondo metal straps are to hold the impact windows in place.  They look kind of appropriate for the big double hung windows, but seem like overkill for the little awning windows.

This is a view of the windows in the Kitchen and Dining Room.  The Kitchen windows are casement windows with simulated divided lights which make them look similar to the other double hung windows.  Notice how that, when the windows get smaller, the window proportions stay the same.  Many new houses have haphazard window patterns which can sometimes look rather odd.

The inside of the house was a little wet.  Next week we should be water tight.