Saturday, December 12, 2009

Road Trip

Yesterday we went to Castleton, Vermont to see lights being made at Hubbardton Forge.

We're looking for light fixtures which are kind of Arts and Crafts style, but not in the most literal sense - something kind of contemporary but with classic lines and forms.  They have some designs which are not quite like anything else we've found, and it's nice that they're actually made at their factory in Vermont.  They don't often provide factory tours and we were fortunate to have had the opportunity.  Here's a video showing how they're made.

Afterwards we stopped at the Handmade in Vermont store, which has a comprehensive display of Hubbardton Forge lights.

They have a very liberal return policy, and the lights they receive back are sold in the store only, not online, for a fraction of list price.  We picked up three light fixtures for about what one fixture would have cost.  This is their helper named Industry.

It's kind of interesting that one of the lights we bought has been to Anchorage and back.

On the way back we stopped at Trikeenan Tileworks in Keene, New Hampshire.  They make beautiful handmade tile and they have seconds available at their factory store.

We picked up some tile for the upstairs Bathroom.  Since the tile is handmade, some of the imperfections seem like part of the natural variation.  I doubt that the guests will notice that they're getting seconds - unless they read this blog.

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