Thursday, December 17, 2009


I didn't know if it should be Weathertight or Weather Tight but, according to Daniel Webster, either is correct.  We've had some significant rains the past few weeks and, even though the roof sheathing is on, much water came in.  Now that we're weathertight, things can dry out.

The shingles look good.  They are Certainteed Independence shingles, which are one of my favorites.  They have some black strips and added layering which gives them a kind of a textured wood look.  They have a lifetime warranty, for what it's worth.  In the fine print it states that after the 40th year, the maximum payout is 20% of the maximum liability, but I find it worthwhile to pay more for a better, more attractive shingle.  Unfortunately no one in New England stocks them any more.  Shepley was able to get them in short order, but there is a restocking fee if I ordered too many and a short wait if I need more.  Part of the back roof is not shingled and we'll be close but don't know yet if we have the right amount.

The large plywood panel is where the sliding glass door will go.  In New England it's called "the slidah".  It came in with a white frame, but the door and the grilles were different colors.  With Eagle you can get the window frames one color, the sashes a different color and the grilles yet another color at no additional charge.  They've remade the door panels and the corrected door is at the lumber yard.

The stone wall at the raised septic system is going in now.

Per previous posts, I never expected this work to have to wait until December.  We've had a warm fall and pre-winter and now, just in time for masonry work, the temperatures have fallen.  They cover it at the end of the day and provide heat at night.  They will finish enough of it this week to enable the septic system installation, but that's Christmas week which means it may or may not start next week.

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