Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Earth Day

The LEED plaque came back from its trip around the country and was actually installed on April 23, a day late.

Greenplaque had me send it back to Wyoming to have the mounting work completed. Then, for some reason unknown to me, it was sent to Texas and then back to Massachusetts.

The UPS tracking is usually interesting. There are many intermediate stops, but it went from Centerville to Louisville, KY, to Denver and then to Laramie, Wyoming. From Laramie it was sent to Bryan, TX, probably via Louisville. I’m not sure what they did in Texas, but from there it went back through Louisville and back to us.
The mounting actually went pretty well. Normally the studs on the back of the plaque would be epoxied to the wall, but it turns out that I was able to bolt it through the wall. The mirror in the Powder Room covers the nuts on the inside, so it is more secure and also removable.

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