Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nothing's Free

We finally received the LEED plaque. I thought it was complimentary, but it's not. Most LEED projects qualify for a LEED plaque, but not LEED for Homes.
Notice, though, that it's not mounted to the wall. Although it was supposed to come with mounting studs, it didn't, so we had to send it back to get the studs fitted. At first I thought it was my mistake, but it wasn't. Greenplaque also offers mounting hardware separately, but it's amazingly pricey. Their hardware starts at $125.00! They are made from 50% post-consumer recycled aluminum and extruded prior to machining to reduce waste according to the web site, but they're $125.00! That's nuts.

And here's what we hope to be doing this summer. We were so busy with the house last year that the kayaks never touched the water.
We bought a rack and wanted to see how ridiculous they look. It's kind of like kayaks with attached car. I wouldn't want to go cross country, but we don't have to go far. This Barnstable Ways to Water map shows all the places we can go without leaving town.

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