Thursday, September 24, 2009

May 30, 2009 - Land for Sale

Since I'm just starting this blog in September, I thought I'd go back to the beginning - or at least the beginning of the process - and keep things more or less in chronological order.

In late May we decided to spend the day on Cape Cod looking for a house to rent for a week.  The previous month's research had resulted in a wealth of possibilities.  We decided to spend Friday night in Truro, near the tip of Cape Cod, and drive back through our various destinations.  In our typical fashion, we didn't get to the hotel in Truro until well after 11 PM.  The next morning turned out to be sunny and warm in spite of the weather forecast.  We headed out to the beach in Truro with Chip, our elderly dalmatian and our son's dog Fitsum.  Chip, at 14 years old, has had numerous problems including cataracts, difficulty walking and increasing doggie dementia.  Here's a photo of his day at the beach.

Our drive back would take us back through most of the Towns on the south side of Cape Cod.  We went through Chatham, which is picture perfect, and then though much of the interspersed beauty and ticky-tacky that seems to permeate the cape.  After Hyannis, we drove west through Hyannis Port and then to Craigville Beach and Centerville.  We went around the block in Centerville to get back to the fabled Four Seas Ice Cream and spotted the For Sale sign on what would become the site of our new home.

We have often pondered where else in the world we would like to live.  Being an architect, I am always looking at homes, real estate and surroundings.  We had thought about other potential homesteads for a long time.  The deflated real estate market makes thing more interesting if you're on the buying end.  I thought it could be a little like the dog chasing a car, though.  The process is kind of fun, but what happens when you catch one?  Dreams are cheap.

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